Ass Grinding Facesitting Workout

britney face bouncing

Britney from Club Stiletto loves to bounce and grind on a slave’s face. Not content with merely just sitting on him, she actually likes to make him suffer with some full weight punishment that turns his lungs inside out. Starved of oxygen the guy is helpless and totally at Britney’s mercy. She’s so sexy and her ass is perfect, and let’s face it slaves are virtually worthless anyway. So she’s actually not bothered whether he survives or not.

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Become My Mindfucked Ass Worshiping Puppet

Goddess Tierra will mezmerize us all with her perfect ebony ass. Be careful because Goddess’s Ass is perfect and there is a danger you will become addicted.

goddess tierra ass booty

All you get to see is my perfect, black, round ass. Just stare at it. It’s all you’re worthy of seeing. Not my face, or my pussy, just my ass. Isn’t it just divine? Just stare and jerk and lose yourself, loser. It really is perfect, it drives you absolutely wild. Look at it move from side to side, watch it jiggle and shake. Does that turn you on, butt boy? Look how squeezable it is. Don’t you wish you could just touch it, caress it?

But you can’t, I won’t ever let you near it. All you get to do is sit there behind your computer, and jerk and worship. Lust for my ass loser. Keep drooling and jerking and give in to your addiction to my ass. You don’t deserve to see anything else but my ass. You deserve to be on your knees, worshiping, as I laugh in your face. But you’re so lucky, aren’t you? Thank me loser. Thank me for letting you stare at my perfect ass…see more of Goddess Tierra here at Humiliation POV